What's in the 2017 Summer Programme?

A diverse range of weekly courses for all ages, 6 to 18+, running throughout July and August. We offer Art, Drama, Stage Combat and a chance to learn about Stage Management and Technical Theatre.

We offer an extensive programme of drama-related activities over the summer holidays. There are 4 weeks of workshops, which run from Monday – Saturday. Parents are invited to observe the final class on the Saturday morning. It’s not a frantic, pressurised scramble to produce a ‘show’ in 5 days – rather, we value the quality of learning which the week presents and the opportunity for young people to learn more about the skills required to be an actor.

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Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Drama & Design 6-8 Year Olds)

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Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Drama & Design 9-11 Year Olds)

Theatre School - 12-14 - Featured

Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Drama 12-15 Year Olds)

Theatre School - 15 -16 - Banner

Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Musical Theatre 12-16 Year Olds)