What's in the 2017 Summer Programme?

A diverse range of weekly courses for all ages, 6 to 18+, running throughout July and August. We offer Art, Drama, Stage Combat and a chance to learn about Stage Management and Technical Theatre.

We offer an extensive programme of drama-related activities over the summer holidays. There are 4 weeks of workshops, which run from Monday – Saturday. Parents are invited to observe the final class on the Saturday morning. It’s not a frantic, pressurised scramble to produce a ‘show’ in 5 days – rather, we value the quality of learning which the week presents and the opportunity for young people to learn more about the skills required to be an actor.


This year, we are offering a unique opportunity for post-GCSE students to get an insight into professional theatre training!

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Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Drama & Design 6-8 Year Olds)

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Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Drama & Design 9-11 Year Olds)

Theatre School - 12-14 - Featured

Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Drama 12-15 Year Olds)

Theatre School - 15 -16 - Banner

Lyric Theatre Summer School 2017 (Musical Theatre 12-16 Year Olds)