Drama Studio Profile: Chris Grant

What year did you attend?


Your best memory from Drama Studio?

Deciding to be an actor is a big jump for anyone, my favourite memory is one night when me and Gary Crossan, who were in the drama studio together, were sitting in our house after a lesson and we started chatting and that evening we said “I’ll be an actor if you be one too”. And we did! We stuck together through thick and thin from the beginning and we helped each other since through times of difficult work and celebrated the moments of the amazing work we have had the chance to do.

What skills have you found most helpful from your time in Drama Studio?

The skills in how to learn, develop and improve.  The constant desire to better yourself. And a constant resource in Philip Crawford and Kieran Lagan who are still there at the end of the phone for a call or text for advice.

Why would you recommend Drama Studio?

I would recommend drama studio to people who want to be actors. Who want to develop what they have and are open to learning new things. It teaches you the importance of always working on your craft and shows you that you need to keep attending workshops. Whichever avenue you go down whether its university or drama school or independent workshops, or short term/long term courses the joy is in the search for new and exciting things.

Tell us about a standout lesson.

They really all were (I know that’s a cheeky dodge the question) but I rarely do a job now where I don’t revisit my drama studio notebook and use something I learned.

Describe your time in Drama Studio in three words?

Absolutely Career Changing

What are you doing now?

I have just finished “A Streetcar Named Desire” at the Lyric and about to begin a tour of “Boogie On” with Replay and remount of “A Queer Ceili at the Marty Forsythe” with Kabosh Theatre Company. And honestly I couldn’t be happier!