Drama Studio Profile: David Paulin

What year did you attend?

2015-2016 and returned for the 2017 production of ‘The Heresy of Love’

Your best memory from Drama Studio?

It’d probably be when the lights went down on the opening night of Tom Murphy’s brilliant play ‘The Patriot Game’. We’d been working intensely under complete secrecy, squirrelled away in different rooms of The Lyric and I hadn’t even given a thought about how an audience would react to the piece, it kind of wasn’t about that, it was more about us learning. Anyway the lights went dark, there was silence, and then applause filled the room, so loud I could feel it in my chest. I remember walking home in shock that members of The Drama Studio, all of us just there wanting to learn, could produce such a reaction in an audience.

Tell us about a standout lesson.

I’ll never forget Dave Calvert’s first physical theatre lesson with us. We walked into the room and there’s this man in what looked like full judo gear, listening to traditional Japanese music and doing yoga poses in the corner of the room. I was completely terrified. I remember I turned up in jeans haha he marched me to The Lyrics costume store in search of a pair of sweats. I learnt several lessons throughout the course of the day but I think the overriding one was to dress appropriately.

What skills have you found most helpful from your time in Drama Studio?

There’s all the things that you’re actually there for that you pick up, acting skills like voice, Chekov technique, movement, physicality, handling Shakespearean text, stuff I’d still use today, but then there’s also these skills that you kind of learn by accident, like discipline, bravery, ease, openness and not wearing jeans to a movement workshop, I think those, less tangible skills are the most helpful.

Why would you recommend Drama Studio?

I think I’d recommend it for the range of practitioners that you come into contact with. You can be doing something completely different from week to week, so you get an idea of what you might like, and also what you don’t.

Describe your time in Drama Studio in three words?

Frightening, testing and valuable

What are you doing now?

I’m currently living and working in London as an actor. I’ve just toured a production of ‘Macbeth’ and I’m returning to the Lyric for their production of ‘Blackout’ in the autumn time.

Did it help you get in to Drama School?

Without a doubt, coaching from Philip and Kieran was invaluable at helping me get into Drama school.

Were you able to get good advice on applications?

The advice Philip gave me was brilliant, he’s worked with so many young actors that have gone in many different directions so he’s in a great position to offer advice. You get so much conflicting advice when you’re applying so it’s great to have someone who’s seen it all!