• Halloween Online Event – Storytelling Workshop

    Friday 30th October



Spend an hour with Megan, our chief storyteller who loves Hallowe'en more than any other Holiday! Megan has Hallowe'en themed stories from all across the world; you’ll meet spooky characters who have been on ghostly adventures, you may even be asked to take part in each story creating important sound effects!

If you like writing as well as listening to stories, send us in your very own made up ghost story. One story will be chosen for Megan to learn and it will be brought to life during this storytelling session.

Send stories through to erinhoey@lyrictheatre.co.uk by Sunday 25th October at 5pm

An invitation to join the zoom workshops will be sent out at 9.30am on Friday 30th October. The invitation will be sent to the email provided when booking.