• Lyric Summer School Online (Stage Combat, 11-14 Year Olds)

    By Creative Learning at the Lyric

    Mon 17, Tues 18 & Wed 19 August



Ever wondered how fights on stage or on TV look so real? That’s the art of Stage Combat! Actors have to learn how to fight and use weapons in a safe, controlled way to help bring the action of the story to life.

Join Ian McCracken in action as he introduces a range of skills involved in Stage Combat. These active sessions are completely safe and non violent and will introduce a range of techniques which can be practised using a variety of household items e.g. a football, or wooden spoon.

Ian has worked extensively in film, theatre and TV and has also coached Stage Combat in a number of Drama Schools throughout the UK. He has led workshops in schools and worked with children as young as five. Combat workshops are full of fun and act as a great form of exercise too!

Before the workshops begin you will receive an information pack with further details on the sessions and our guidelines for using zoom