• STORYTREKKERS Online Episodes

    13 Jan - 25 Mar



Introducing Story Trekkers Online!

Join our Story Trekkers leader Megan and explore different stories from across the globe. This package will include tales from Japan, Poland and Ghana.

Learn fun facts about each country and get involved in different activities based on the stories you hear.

The perfect opportunity for young people to explore new places through the power of imagination and storytelling.


Episode 1: Ghana

Meet Anasi, the sneaky spider who loves to tell stories. He loves stories so much he plans to travel to see Nayamoo, the sky god, and unlock his wooden box full of stories. Before he can win this box, Nayamoo sets Anasi a number of challenges he must overcome.


Episode 2: Poland

Learn all about King Krak and his daughter Wanda who live in a Castle on Wawel Mountain in Krakow. King Krak must turn to Smok, a hardworking apprentice, when his daughter is captured by a dragon that lives under the mountain. Can Smok help defeat the dragon and restore peace in Wawel?


Episode 3: Japan

Listen as Hidesato, a brave young man from Japan, meets the Dragon King of the Lake and has his bravery put to the test. Hidesato must face a monster centipede to save the Dragon King’s family.


When booking, please select 25 Mar for the performance date. After you purchase this package of 3 episodes (30+mins total) you will be emailed links to the content which will be available to watch at any time until the end of March.