• The Heresy of Love

    Produced by Creative Learning at the Lyric Theatre
    Written by Helen Edmundson

    04 - 08 Apr




"My response is an explanation of my right to learn and read and write and speak.  Of every woman's right to have a voice within the world." 

In a convent in 17th century Mexico, Sister Juana strives to reconcile her love for God with her desire for a life of the mind. Her gift for writing plays and poems is celebrated by the Court, but her success creates alarm within the Church. Persecuted by a zealous archbishop, Juana’s world threatens to crumble around her as everything she holds dear is jeopardised by dangerous ambitions and illicit desires...
The Heresy of Love tells the story of Latin America’s great feminist poet - the fame of whose learning was such that aged 13, when put to the test against 40 learned men of the city, she demolished their questions ‘like a royal galleon defending itself against a few rowing boats’.