Free ‘Writing for audio drama’ workshop 2019 with

Lyric Theatre Belfast | 5th/6th October 2019 | 10am-5pm

The workshopsare open to writers and would-be writers who want to learn more about writing for audio drama podcasts. We are fully funded by a 21st Century Fox Community grant

2 days of interactive sessions led by Cordelia Galloway

Location: Lyric Theatre 55 Ridgeway St, Belfast BT9 5FB

  • Would-be writers aged 18- 30 get to tell stories about their lives and communities that are not being told in mainstream drama.
  • We help craft the stories for audio dramas and podcasts.
  • We think creatively about using sound in new ways.

If you are interested in attending the workshops, click here to register or email your details (or a voice memo about yourself) to

Don’t worry if you haven’t written before, we’re interested in people who have a desire to write stories they’re passionate about telling, as well as those who’ve had previous writing experience.

‘One of the main things I learnt from the workshops, was that when you are writing for radio if we don’t hear it we don’t see it.  Whether that’s sound effects that give an idea of the area, or dialogue that lets us know more fully what’s going on for the character.’ Abe Buckoke workshop attendee

‘Working with Cordelia definitely helped me as a writer by supporting what I was trying to do, and helping me to build confidence and skills. It’s a huge benefit to have someone believe in you and tell you to keep going. But also really great to have someone who’ll let you know when you’ve gone a bit left of field.’  Abe Buckoke