National Encourage a Young Writer Day – Michael Lavery

Introducing Michael Lavery, participant from the Lyric Theatre and Fighting Words NI project, The Right Twig.  This National Encourage a Young Writer Day we are finding out more about Michael, and other young writers to learn more about their inspirations, experiences and work:

Who are you?

My name is Michael Lavery and I am an 18 year old performing arts student from Belfast

What does writing mean to you?

Writing gives me the ability to explore my own ideas and characters without any censorship. It also gives me the opportunity to write more interesting and realistic queer characters, as I have never seen really seen myself or my friends represented in media and being able to write these kind of characters is very important to me

What is the best piece of advice/encourage you have been given?

During the right twig when we read out work or handed work in we were never told we were wrong and we were constantly encouraged to find and use our own voice, this was encouraging as we were free to experiment with many different writing styles without judgement

What is your best memory of the right twig?

The showcase was very special as it was the last time I was in a theatre and being able to see other young writers work along with mine performed live was amazing