Rehearsals for Dracula | Week 2 & 3

Not the standard weekly volume most Assistant Directors publish of a Rehearsal Diary but alas, we return for the fortnightly installment of what we’ve been up to!

A real opportunity for The Count himself to flourish as we reached the end of Act One and covered some major work on the Transylvanian origins to the piece. This came assisted by none other than a dear friend of director Philip Crawford, Enikö Bukovinszki. Philip met Enikö whilst teaching in England after she introduced herself to reassure him that Transylvania was indeed a real place: she was born and raised there. This being much to Philip’s surprise, he began to enquire and learn as much as he could from the fountain of knowledge that Enika is, including a trip to Bistritz for Philip’s 40th birthday – only a few years ago!

Enikö has a fantastic understanding of language, speaking five different languages herself, and politely agreed to join us, on Zoom, all the way from The Hague for a rehearsal and to chaperone the depiction of her native dialect. A harsh critic no doubt, she was not afraid to get into the finer details of things with Dracula himself; she must have been wearing her crucifix! Enikö ensured any non-English word from the script was enunciated perfectly in Hungarian. A welcome guest and an interesting opportunity in rehearsals for the cast.