A grand milestone was reached by the company over the weekend – they reached the end of the reading and research stage of rehearsals! This might not seem like such a grand achievement but for a cast that has only 6 hours of rehearsals each week, it came as good a place as any to step back and relish the rewards of the hard work put in to date. The commitment alone to Zoom rehearsals each week is its own challenge but the grit of the young people continues to persevere and a collective feeling of accomplishment buzzed along the internet connection that day. However this does not mean time for rest, as the Count himself never sleeps, the cast imitate this in their ability to power straight through to the next objectives.

A visit from a friendly Michael Corbidge came last week to begin the process of really fleshing out the range of vocal dexterity and dynamics within the cast. Michael has worked with the Lyric since the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages project 10 years ago.  He is a vocal coach from England who regularly works with Drama Studio and on Creative Learning productions, so he is well known amongst the cast. Michael’s methods are steadfast and challenging, ensuring each cast member only gives the very best in their performance. It was not unwelcomed as each young actor rose to the occasion and showed real determination to achieve what the creative team knew they absolutely could. This is only the beginning of Michael’s engagement with the Dracula cast and he will return to further develop this work during the rest of the rehearsal period.