• Sadie - Meet the Characters

Sadie - played by Abigail McGibbon

Sadie is a cleaner from loyalist Belfast who’s at war with the modern world.  Ferociously witty and articulate, she’s struggling with her mental health in lockdown. But she refuses to be a victim.    

Red - played by Patrick Jenkins

Sadie’s long dead uncle who still exerts a powerful hold over her imagination. An avuncular figure with good intentions.

Clark - Played by David Pearse

Sadie’s ex-husband. A former loyalist paramilitary who’s memory still haunts Sadie.

Joao - Played by Santino Smith

Joao is a 25 years old Queen’s student from Manchester. Likeable and open-hearted but prone to depression.

Mairead - Played by Andrea Irvine

Sadie’s straight-talking yet very compassionate therapist. Originally from Derry, she proves very skilled at getting her to open up.