Sadie: Seón Simpson Assistant Director Blog #2

Assistant Director, Seón chats to us about week 2 of rehearsals and the research behind Sadie.

This week I was tasked with researching 1992. What was happening? What were they listening to? What film won the oscar? (It was Silence of the Lambs – Classic!)

As a peace baby, it was truly shocking to delve into top news stories from Northern Ireland in 1992. It’s mad to think that this was only three years before I was born, but so much has changed for our country between now and then, and with Brexit looming over us, so much could change between now and the next generation.

1992 was the year of the Maastricht Treaty of the European Union, the famed Fergie and Andrew split, the Barcelona Olympics, and Clinton beating Bush in the USA’s presidential elections.

It’s eerie how so many of these events have their 2020 counterparts: We’re leaving the EU, Prince Andrew and the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal, Tokyo Olympics postponed, and Biden beating Trump.

This makes 1992 and 2020 perfect backdrops for the play that examines the present by delving into the past.