Sadie: Seón Simpson Assistant Director Blog #4

Seón Simpson tells us about the final week in the rehearsal room for Sadie before tech week!

This week was our last in the rehearsal room and there was a big focus on running the show. The actors are owning the work and all of the elements are coming together in preparation for our tech week.

It has been wonderful to sit back and enjoy watching each run and finding new moments each time. I don’t get bored watching this piece over and over. I can’t wait to see it on the set with sound and lighting! It’s difficult to recreate that feeling of walking into a dark room, relaxing into your seat and stepping into a different world from the comfort of your living room and I’ve missed stepping into a theatre this year.

We’re all so excited to get into the space this coming week! The rehearsal process has flown in and I can hardly believe that audiences will be watching so soon. I advise viewers to get the blinds closed, get a cup of tea (or whatever your theatre tipple is), turn your phone off, and maybe get someone you live with to shuffle in their seat next to you. Try to recreate that theatre feeling. I’m so glad that we’re able to create during such a difficult time.