Sky hawk author’s visit to the Lyric Theatre

Best-selling children’s author Gill Lewis came to the opening of the stage adaptation of her book Sky Hawk at the Lyric Theatre. She writes about how she found the trip inspirational.

I used to think being a writer involved tapping away at a computer in my pyjamas, drinking copious amounts of coffee and then twiddling my thumbs waiting for my editor to read my manuscript. However, I increasingly find myself juggling many things…writing a new draft of a story, editing older drafts of other stories, discussing the layout of illustrations, preparing for school visits and trying to answer emails which sift into the computer like snow (as soon as you think you’ve cleared one load, more drift in) and being distracted by social media. On top of that, there’s the cooking, cleaning, dog walking etc etc…all of which makes me feel as if I can’t quite keep everything together.

But sometimes the planets align and everything just seems to slot into place. Last week this happened at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast when theatre, books and birds all came together at the showing of the stage production of Sky Hawk.