Website Help

We want our website to be as simple to use as possible so that you can find the information you need or book tickets easily.  If you are a new visitor or you are having difficulty we hope the information below will help you out.


We are aware that some customers are having issues using our website on iPhones, iPads, and other devices using the Safari browser. This is because of how Safari interacts with our ticketing system Spektrix.

Safari has added new features to try and stop other search engines from being able to track and advertise to Safari users. While Spektrix does not track users it does have some of the same features as search engines and these are being blocked.

This can affect you in the following ways:

–       Presenting you with a cookie message when you try to book tickets or access your basket.

–       Not allowing you to reset your password. Customers can get stuck in a loop when trying to reset their password before starting a transaction.

The cookies message from Spektrix will provide you with more info on how to resolve these issues but we’ve detailed some steps below.

What you can do:

–       Try to use Google Chrome when possible to book or interact with the website.

–       Open a private tab in your Safari browser when using or booking with the Lyric site.

–       Temporarily allow Third Party Tracking when using the Lyric site.

To turn off ‘prevent cross-tracking from third parties’ on safari…

On mobile:

  • Click Settings app
  • Scroll down to Safari and click
  • Scroll down to ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’ and toggle off so that it’s not green.

On desktop:

  • Open Safari browser
  • Click Safari on the top tool bar
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Privacy
  • Untick ‘prevent cross site tracking’

We understand that you may be wary of changing privacy related settings on your browser. You can change your settings back again once your website visit is complete or try using another browser. Alternatively you can contact our Box Office team on 028 9038 1081.

We want to assure you that Spektrix do not track our customers across the web. Safari are targeting third parties who surreptitiously track customers’ behaviour across multiple different websites. As Spektrix is built into many theatre and ticketing websites it appears to fall under this targeting.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing a lot of our customers. We are working hard with the Spektrix team to come up with a simpler and permanent solution.