Apply now, thank me later.

Chris Grant, member of the Lyric Drama Studio 2012-2013 gives his account of why you shouldn’t hesitate if you’re thinking of applying for this year’s course.

The Lyric Drama Studio is an experience that I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about becoming an actor, from both a both an educational and personal point of view. From day one you, as a member, are immersed in a training scheme facilitated by some of the greatest facilitators which Northern Ireland and the UK has to offer; facilitators who have trained all over Europe, at institutions like LeCoq, Central School of Speech and Drama and Royal Welsh College and Drama to name but a few.

The Drama Studio really opened my eyes when it comes to rehearsal and audition technique. It provided me with a steadfast tool kit that I could use in all sorts of different ways to improve my performance, but at the same time I still felt that the course catered for my needs as an individual and helped me develop my own style of performing. I now feel increased confidence in my own abilities in the audition room. My time with the drama studio taught me to not shy away from my strengths but to play to them.

Another fantastic element of the Drama Studio is of course that you are working week after week with like-minded individuals who are constantly improving alongside you. With this youthful drive and the constant care and attention of the facilitators you can’t help but improve! Through the Studio I improved my acting, movement, vocal, improvisational and radio techniques.

At the end of the process you have to opportunity to audition for the end of studio show. Our production was ‘Our Country’s Good’. Due to the productions casting requirements the Lyric stepped hired a young professional actor from London, Clifford, who had trained at Royal Welsh College and Drama. This was another amazing opportunity; we were able to ask him all the questions we wanted answered about working in London as an actor and what Drama School was like. Not only did he prove to be an excellent fellow cast member, but it is great to now have a good friend who has been through the experience of world class training at drama school.

The Drama Studio was an excellent experience and I honestly could not recommend it highly enough. If you want to be an actor and haven’t registered your interest for the Lyric Drama Studio you need to change that now and apply.

For more information on the Lyric Drama Studio, visit our Creative Learning page.