What is Drama Studio

A course for 18-25 year olds considering a career in acting. A full term of Saturday and Tuesday evening workshops, led by experienced local and international practitioners, leading to a full-scale production at the end of the second term. Entry by successful audition only. Commitment is demanding – rewards are high.

 We strongly encourage and support applications to Drama School – in the last 5 years, 28 previous members have secured places at major institutions eg the Royal Welsh College, RADA and The Lir Academy.

It would be naïve to suggest that the course is an alternative to full-time training, but we hope students will become aware of how much there is to learn about the craft of acting and cultivate a desire to make the most of learning opportunities throughout their careers. We aim to provide participants with a realistic appreciation of the discipline and commitment required to be a successful professional actor.

Applications welcomed from young people aged 18-25, who have left school. The demand for places is high – usually around 70 applications for 14 places.