• Abomination

    The Belfast Ensemble

    17 Nov



Abomination - The DUP in Concert takes as its source material the 2008 Nolan/Iris Robinson radio interview when the MLA famously described homosexuality as ‘an abomination’. Flashed around the world, the broadcast was seen by many as the beginning of Mrs Robinson’s epic fall from grace. Her incendiary words have been set to music by award winning Belfast composer Conor Mitchell and performed by international soprano Rebecca Caine and chamber orchestra.

Using their trademark blend of high octane video and top level musicians, The Belfast Ensemble hope this new piece will open up fresh conversations in the light of recent political events involving the DUP and the gay rights debate in Northern Ireland.

Composer and Artistic Director, Conor Mitchell said “This is the stuff of grand opera! A tragic heroine. A clash of faith and society. It’s truly, truly operatic. For me, the words of Iris Robinson were a wake up call about the power of language in this country. Words matter. ‘Love the sinner, hate the sin’. Hate? Sin? Sin to who? For me, this is what new music is about; it can focus on words - make them sing without making explicit comment. That’s up to the audience.”

Canadian soprano Rebecca Caine first rose to fame as the original Cosette in Les Miserables. Since then she has toured the world, being a well known soloist to both opera and musical theatre audiences alike.

The Belfast Ensemble’s programme will also include 5 performances of their stunningly original 2017 work The Doppler Effect (14-17 NOV).