• After The End

    Written by Dennis Kelly
    Produced by Vile Bodies

    01- 03 Feb


    £12.00- £14.00

“I think the only way people can destroy you is if you let them make you become something else.”

It’s the morning after the office party. Louise has a sore head. Mark’s hurt his back. They’re sheltering from the fallout of a suitcase bomb in the bunker in Mark’s garden. Luckily, he’s prepared. They’ve got food, a knife and Dungeons & Dragons. Now they just have to wait.

Written in 2005, this political thriller from the writer of Matilda the Musical and BBC Three’s Pulling finds remarkable relevance in the wake of Trump and Brexit. Kelly puts a magnifying glass to the fragility of the human condition, exploring a wider political saga through the eyes of two flawed individuals. Questioning the influence of media and fear fuelled politics on our own society, After the End is an exhilarating study in the balance between morality and instinct in the fight for survival.

“You either believe in something or you don’t. Not just when you feel like it. When it’s convenient.”

This production of After the End was originally produced by The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin.

Please note this production contains strong language, full frontal nudity, scenes of a violent nature, scenes of sexual violence and flashing lights. 

Photo credit: Lorna Fitzsimons

Emily Foran - Director

Jack Scullion - Set & Costume Designer

Cillian McNamara - Lighting Designer & Chief LX

Maria Guiver - Producer

John Brennan - Stage Manager