• Dark of the Moon

    Lyric Drama Studio
    Written by Howard Richardson & William Berney

    26 - 30 March



Dark of the Moon is an Appalachian folktale set in the Smoky Mountains. It tells the story of John, a witch boy, who falls in love with a girl called Barbara Allen. He is granted human form to woo and marry her on the condition that she remains true to him for a year. But what lies in store for them when the strange world of mountain witches clashes with that of the superstitious zealots in the local town of Buck Creek? As the story unfolds it becomes clear that humans are all too capable of inflicting pain on one another without supernatural help.

After a successful run on Broadway, the play was directed by Peter Brook at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith in 1949.

A cast of 20 young actors from the Lyric Drama Studio present this piece were, 70 years on, its themes of love, intolerance, and religious fanaticism are still as poignant as ever.

This amateur production of Dark of the Moon is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD, in cooperation with the Richardson/Yale Property Trust; Elliot S. Blair, administrator.

Director - Philip Crawford

Assistant Director - Megan McGarry

Assistant Director - Ryan McVeigh

Composer - Chris Warner

Set Designer - Stuart Marshall

Lighting Designer - James McFetridge

Costume Designer - Gillian Lennox