• Fire Below: A War of Words

    Written by Owen McCafferty
    A co-production between Lyric Theatre and Abbey Theatre
    In Association with Belfast International Arts Festival

    12 - 29 Oct



  • Dates & Times

    12 - 29 Oct

    Tues - Sat: 7.45pm
    Sat & Sun Matinee: 2.30pm

  • Accessible Performances

    Tues, 24 Oct – Captioned performance

    Thurs, 26 Oct – Audio Described performance

  • Prices

    All tickets: £18
    Concessions: £10

    FIRST CALL FORTNIGHT: £10 front row weekend tickets or 15% off all other tickets when booked before midnight on 23 Aug.

  • Directed by

    Directed by Jimmy Fay

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What happens to reconciliation when there is no one specific act of violence to reconcile?

Fire Below (A War of Words) is a companion piece to McCafferty’s hugely successful play Quietly (2012).

Gerry & Rosemary and Tom & Maggie are neighbouring couples who have lived through conflict from a distance. Now, nearly 20 years on from the Belfast Peace Agreement, they sit on Gerry and Rosemary’s deck having a glass of wine on a nice summer’s evening, putting the world to rights while waiting for the 11th night bonfire to be lit in the estate below.  Yet there is something missing – the truth.  What they actually think about each other is only ever one unguarded comment away. And who knows when and from where that comment will come.  This is a co-production between the Lyric Theatre and the Abbey Theatre.

In association with the Belfast International Arts Festival.

Directed by Lyric Executive Producer Jimmy Fay, our brilliant cast includes:

Ruairi Conaghan, Cara Kelly, Frankie McCafferty and Ali White

FIRST CALL FORTNIGHT: Get £10 front row weekend tickets or 15% off all other tickets when you book before midnight on 23 August.