• Madame Geneva

    Written by Jo Egan
    Produced by Fionnuala Kennedy

    18 - 28 May



Madame Geneva is a bawdy song and dance set in Old London.

Madame Geneva, the popular name for Gin, lands with the Dutch armies of William of Orange. Almost immediately she invokes a gloriously decadent atmosphere across the rapidly growing city. Sold at the corner shop she offers women easy access to alcohol. The anti-gin movement inextricably link her with fallen women, and drunken fishwives in a bid to eradicate her, manifesting in a reforming approach for women of middle and lower classes. Madame Geneva portrays a ferociously exciting time, telling its tale through some of the most exciting, dark and interesting characters of the day.

Jo Egan has investigated the cause and effect that led to the institution of the first Magdalen penitentiary in London in 1758 through the filter of her own experience in a mother and baby home in Ireland in the late 1970s.

Suitable for ages 16+  Contains strong language and adult themes. Strobe lighting is used in this production.

Starring John Cronin, Rhys Dunlop, Tony Flynn and Keith Singleton with Kerri Quinn as 'Madame Geneva', alongside the Macha Ensemble.

Post Show Discussions: 

Sunday 21st May 2.45pm: Women, Poverty & Prostitution in Northern Ireland today

Wednesday 24th May 7.30pm: Addiction: A legacy for Northern Ireland's post-conflict society

Thursday 25th May 7.30pm: Women in Media: The use of prostitution and violence against women as a exciting storyline in film and TV

Saturday 27th May 2.45pm: Women Rape & tax credits: Government use of sexual violence against women in the context of Welfare Reform and the implied threat this sends out to women as a general narrative



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