• New Speak

    New Writing at the Lyric

    17 - 18 April



“I can see what the future will look like.” 

Where are we now, and where are we going? What would you say if you could speak with the future? Can you change the world?

Inspired by our co-production of 1984, the Lyric commissioned five artists to each create a dynamic short performance piece that seeks to engage with the urgent questions raised by our current political, social and economic moment; reflecting on how we got here, and imagining where we go next.

Our stages may be dark, but this broadcast will not be interrupted.

We're moving our artist-led initiative New Speak online and into your homes, with compelling, invigorating new work from Amadan Ensemble, Dominic Montague, Katie Richardson, Lata Sharma, and Zara Janahi that speaks to where we are now.


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Associate Director Emily Foran


New Speak is an initiative by the Lyric which encourages new thinking – engaging with exciting artists working on their own artforms and speaking to the current political, economic and social climate of today.