• What the Reindeer Saw

    Written By Conor Grimes & Alan McKee
    Directed by Tony Devlin
    Produced by the Lyric Theatre

    19 Nov - 6 Jan


    £15.00- £22.50

A brand new Santa has taken over the family business from his father. He is an entitled, lazy, plump, 40-something, man-baby. With his formidable former model wife at his side, the new Santa has some out-of-the-box ideas for making the North Pole great again. He just needs to get the elves to implement his sweeping reforms and the job’s a good ’un.

The elves are hard-working, honest, magical little creatures. For centuries they have been delighting the world’s children with their hand built toys, and they don’t like change for change’s sake. They may have rosy cheeks and little pointy ears, but you wouldn’t want to mess with them.

Never mind the Big Guy’s hectic schedule of sleigh-driving lessons, list making and fittings for his radical new Santa suit, he is sure of one thing, he’s going to make plenty of time to hang with his oldest and bestest friends; the beer-drinking, pool-playing, football-watching, craic merchants - the Reindeers. If only Mrs. Claus will give him a pass out..

Cast: Jo Donnelly, Conor Grimes, Gerard McCabe, Rosie McClelland & Alan McKee

Please note, this performance contains strong language and adult content.

Conor Grimes & Alan McKee - Writers

Tony Devlin - Director

Ciaran Bagnall - Set & Lighting Designer

Rosie Moore - Costume Designer

Rod McVey - Musical Director