• Spud!

    Produced by McChill Productions
    Written by Conor Grimes & Kevin McAleer
    Directed by Conleth Hill

    27 May - 07 June


    £15.00- £18.00

In light of the ongoing situation with the coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic, all scheduled performances of Spud have been cancelled. We will be contacting all bookers with your options shortly.


Robert Story is alone in his rural cottage as the great hunger stalks the land, and threatens to come banging at his door. Instead it is his younger brother Felix who rattles the knocker. Back from London with a dazzling array of theatrical airs and graces, and possibly some food in his satchel he holds close to his chest.

The brothers slowly but surely begin to crumble, and stagger into a desperate game of cat and mouse. If only there was a cat. Or a mouse.

With the bailiff's battering ram rumbling ever closer, and their range of survival options dwindling by the hour, the Story Brothers are offered a shot at redemption from an unlikely source. A surreal carrot is dangled, but can they grasp the nettle?

Written by Conor Grimes and Kevin McAleer. Directed by Conleth Hill.


Running time:  Act 1: 50 mins / Act 2: 45 mins with a 20 min interval