• Ten Plagues

    The Belfast Ensemble

    28 - 29 July



Mark Ravenhill & Conor Mitchell's award winning AIDS polemic comes to the Lyric stage, performed by the composer and Matthew Cavan (aka Cherrie on Top).

Tracing one man's journey through a city in crisis, Ten Plagues charts the great plague of 1665. Part torch song, part Schubert, this groundbreaking piece of music-theatre was originally written for iconic singer Marc Almond.

Drawing its title from the perspective of the biblical Israelites who survived the plagues wrought upon the Egyptians and projecting that take on survival forward in time to 1665 when the Black Death (The Great Plague) devastated London, it draws parallels with the 20th century emergence of AIDS - The Gay “Plague” as it was homophobically labelled in sections of the media - and the impact of living through the onslaught of that modern disease.

Please note this performance contains flashing images/strobe lighting.