• Theatre School Summer Term Online P1 – P4

    Produced by Creative Learning at the Lyric

    Sundays, 9th - 23rd May



Story trekkers is a fun, interactive class which merges storytelling and drama activities.

Each session will focus on a different country from around the world allowing participants to learn about myths and legends associated with a wide range of different cultures; whether it’s running wild with the Kitsune of Japan or slaying the Wawel dragon in Poland. The session will also involve energetic drama exercises to get young people moving, creating and using their powers of imaginations.

All three sessions will take place on zoom and will be monitored by a member of the Creative Learning team. The hour long sessions will allow young people to interact, think creatively and, most importantly, have fun!

Sessions will be held online over zoom instead of in the theatre. An invitation to join the Zoom workshop will be sent to the email address used to book.

If you have any problems booking, please email marketing@lyrictheatre.co.uk