• We Like It Here

    Written by Jonathan M. Daley
    Produced by Headrush, Ireland

    28 - 30 June



“We Like It Here” is an exhilarant new play that immerses you in the world of three sisters (Adele Gribbon, Maeve Smyth & Mary O’Loan) in the rural town of Ballyarby. Except it all exists within their front room.

With their father now missing, the sisters only have themselves and the village guard Thomas to keep the world of Ballyarby and the people within it alive, even if some of them are beginning to have their doubts. Daley's writing demonstrates what it is to be young and isolated in rural Ireland today, playing with our need to pretend to survive.

“We Like It Here” is the second production from Headrush, Ireland. Founded by Conal Clapper, Jonathan M. Daley & Conor McGuinness, Headrush is a cross-discipline creative collective based in Belfast, which aims to provide artists with a platform to explore aspects of the Arts with which they have a particular fascination.

Please note this performance contains some theatrical violence and low levels of haze/smoke.

Tracey Lindsay - Set & Costume Design

Alan Mooney - Lighting Design

Conor McGuinness - Sound Design

Conal Clapper - Production Manager