• In the Pause Between Now and Next

Lyric Theatre and Irish Arts Center Partnership

Available from 6 April 2021

“In early autumn, when I wrote this piece, I was thinking a lot about the strange liminal space 2020 had become. I was no longer experiencing time as I’d experienced it previously. “Normal” pre-Covid life felt like it’d happened both half a second and an eternity ago. Days merged into each other. Other days dragged on endlessly. Some days felt entirely stuck. Frustrating as this experience has been, it didn’t entirely feel like lost time to me. The space also afforded me time to think and recalibrate. In this piece I want to explore the questions and thoughts which began to arise during this odd in-between phase and how these small revelations might shape and impact whatever comes next.” 

Filmed monologue written by Jan Carson and presented in partnership with the Irish Arts Center, New York as part of their Grásta initiative. Directed by Rhiann Jeffrey, performed by Nicky Harley, and filmed and edited by Ross McClean.


“In the Pause Between Now and Next” 

Written by Jan Carson

Directed by Rhiann Jeffrey

Performed by Nicky Harley

Videography by Ross McClean

Commissioned by Irish Arts Center as part of Grásta: Grace in Uncertainty, 2020-2021.

The first projects of Irish Art Center’s Grásta initiative— commissions by a remarkable assembly of twenty-six writers, musicians, and dance, visual and theatre artists, all responding to the idea of grace in uncertainty—premiered last fall. In 2021, Irish Arts Center unveil all work in this series, completing an ambitious collective chronicle of the current moment, of how we felt and what we learned, and of what redemption we might find and carry forward.